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PRO Pilot Aeronux Pilot Aviation Cirrus Cessna moody jet Training iPhone Android iPad General Aerospace Space Aerodynamic IFR VFR IMC Intelligence OBS Altitude attitude indicator garmin diamond piper eclipse Learjet delta private pilot instrument commercial ATP airline transport pilot Sport Boeing Airbus Canadian Regional Jets ABSOLUTE ALTITUDE terrain ABSOLUTE CEILING sea level aircraft level flight Standard Air conditionsACCELERATED STALL ACCESSORY GROUPMechanical and electrical units ADCOCK RANGE National low-frequency radio navigation system Omnirange (VOR).ADF - Automatic Direction Finding ADIABATIC LAPSE RATE dry air (DALR) Moist or saturated rates (SALR) barometric pressures and temperatures and must be adjusted for accuracy.ADVERSE YAW AGL MSL AILERON wingform diminutive of aile AIR DEFENSE IDENTIFICATION ZONE (ADIZ) national security Domestic Air Defense Identification Zone Coastal Air Defense Identification Zone - An ADIZ Distant Early Warning Identification Zone (DEWIZ) AIRFOIL cross-sectionAIR ROUTE TRAFFIC CONTROL CENTER (ARTCC) or"CENTER" AIR SPEED INDICATOR AIR TAXI flight scheduledAIR TRAFFIC CONTROL ATCAIRPORT TRAFFIC CONTROL TOWER (ATCT) ALCLAD ALPHABET (PHONETIC) ALFA BRAVO CHARLEY DELTA ECHO FOXTROT GOLFHOTEL INDIA JULIET KILO LIMA MIKE NOVEMBEROSCAR PAPA QUEBEC ROMEO SIERRA TANGOUNIFORM VICTOR WHISKY X-RAY YANKEE ZULU ALTIMETER AMPHIBIAN, AMPHIBION - A SEAPLANE or FLOATPLANE ANGLE OF ATTACK - The acute angle at which a moving airfoil meets the airstream.ANGLE OF INCIDENCE ANHEDRAL SeeDIHEDRAL.APPROACH CONTROL RADIO NAVIGATIONAPRON ARM ARSA CONTROLLED AIRSPACEARTIFICIAL HORIZON ASPECT ATA ATC AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL.ATIS AUTOGYRO, AUTOGIRO AUTO-AUTOMATIC TERMINAL INFORMATION SERVICE BALANCED CONTROL SURFACE ELEPHANT EARS BERNOULLI EFFECT or LAW or THEOREM BLEED BOUNDARY-LAYER CONTROL WingformBUMPED COWLING FAIRINGCABANE STRUT CALIBRATED AIRSPEED CASCAMBER CANARD CAT - Clear-Air Turbulence.CATHEDRAL CAVU CEILING BrokenOvercastObscurationThinPartialABSOLUTE CEILING,SERVICE CEILING.CENTER - An Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC).CENTER OF GRAVITY (c/g) CERTIFICATED AIRPORT CHORD CLASS G AIRSPACE (Uncontrolled Airspace) - Airspace not designated as Class A, B, C, D or E CONTROLLED AIRSPACE.COAMING COLLECTIVE PITCH COLLECTOR RING COMMON TRAFFIC ADVISORY FREQUENCY (CTAF) COMMUTER COMPASS COURSE COMPASS NORTH MAGNETIC NORTH.CONE OF SILENCE CONSTANT-SPEED PROPELLER CONTACT FLIGHT CONTOUR FLIGHT CONTRAIL VAPOR TRAIL CONTROLLED AIRSPACE Class A Class B Class C Class D Class E CONVENTIONAL GEAR TAILDRAGGER COWL, COWLING FAIRING RING COWLINGCOWL FLAP CRAB CTAF see COMMON TRAFFIC ADVISORY FREQUENCYDEAD RECKONING DEADSTICK - Descending flight with engine and propeller stopped.DECALAGE DECISION HEIGHT DELTA-WING DEPARTURE CONTROL see RADIO NAVIGATIONDEPARTURE STALLDEVIATION (MAGNETIC) DEWIZ see AIR DEFENSE IDENTIFICATION ZONEDIHEDRAL DIRECTIONAL GYRO DIRIGIBLE DME DOPEDORSAL FIN DOWNWASH DRAG THRUST.DRAG WIRE DRIFT DRY WEIGHT DURAL DZUS FASTENER EARTH-INDUCTOR COMPASS ELEPHANT EAR BALANCED CONTROL SURFACE ELEVATOR STABILIZER. ELEVON FLAPERON.ELT - Emergency Locator Transmitter EMPENNAGE EN ROUTE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL SERVICES ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival.ETD - Estimated Time of Departure.FAIRING FBO - Fixed-Base Operator FAN MARKER RADIO NAVIGATIONFEATHERING FEDERAL AIR REGULATION (FAR)FAR Part 91 - General Aviation (portions apply to all operators) FAR Part 103 - Ultralight Vehicles FAR Part 105 - Parachute Jumping FAR Part 108 - Airplane Operator Security FAR Part 119 - Certification: Air Carriers and Commercial Operators FAR Part 121 - Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Air Carriers and Commercial Operators of Large Aircraft FAR Part 123 - Travel Clubs FAR Part 125 - US Civil Airplanes, seating 20 or more passengers or a maximum payload capacity 6,000# or more FAR Part 127 - Air Carriers using helicopters for scheduled interstate flights (within the 48 contiguous states) FAR Part 129 - Foreign Air Carrier and Foreign Operators of US registered aircraft engaged in common carriage FAR Part 133 - Rotorcraft External Load Operations FAR Part 135 - Air Taxi Operators and Commercial Operators FAR Part 137 - Agricultural Aircraft Operations FAR Part 141 - Pilot SchoolFERRY FLIGHT FIN FIREWALL FISHTAILING FIVE-BY-FIVE (5x5) FLAP CAMBER FOWLER FLAP, SLOTTED FLAP, and SPLIT FLAP.FLAPERON FLAP and an AILERON.FLARE FLIGHT ENVELOPE FLIGHT LEVEL (FL).FLIGHT PLAN FSS or an ATC facility.FLIGHT SERVICE STATION (FSS) NAVAIDs transborder flights.FLOATPLANE FLYING WIRES LANDING WIRES.FOWLER FLAP USAAF FRISE AILERON FSS see FLIGHT SERVICE STATIONFUSELAGE g or G see LOAD FACTORGAP.GCA - Ground-Controlled Approach; part of ILS.GENERAL AVIATION GEOGRAPHIC NORTH GLASS COCKPIT GLIDER GLIDE SLOPE instrument landing system (ILS).GPS - Global Positioning System; satellite-based navigation.GREEN LIGHT GROSS WEIGHT GROUND CONTROL GROUND CUSHION GROUND EFFECTGROUND EFFECT GROUND CUSHION.GULL-WING GYROPLANE AUTOGYRO.HANGAR HELICOPTER A ROTORCRAFT HIGH BLOWER HIGH-SPEED STALL HORSEPOWER HYPERSONIC - Speed of flight at or greater than Mach 5.0, exceeding SUPERSONIC.HYPOXIA IFR - Instrument Flight Rules, governing flight under instrument meteorological conditions.ILS - Instrument Landing System. A radar-based system allowing ILS-equipped aircraft INDICATED AIRSPEED (IAS) CALIBRATED AIRSPEED and TRUE AIRSPEED.INSTRUMENT METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS (IMC) IRON COMPASS JOYSTICK KNOT LAMINAR-FLOW AIRFOIL LANDING WIRES LIFT LIFT-DRAG RATIO LIFT WIRES LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFT - single-engine aircraft, airship, balloon, GLIDER, GYROCOPTER, ROTORCRAFT, weight-shift-control aircraftLIQUID COMPASS - A non-electronic, calibratable compass floating in a liquid as a panel instrument; aka WET COMPASS.LOAD FACTOR (g) LOFTING LONGERON LOOP ANTENNA RADIO COMPASS, RADIO DIRECTION FINDER.LORAN LTA LUNKENHEIMER VALVE Mach or m.MAGNETIC COMPASS MAGNETIC COURSE COMPASS COURSE ± deviation.MAGNETIC NORTH GEOGRAPHIC NORTH.MAGNETO, MAG MAGNUS EFFECT MARKER BEACON RADIO NAVIGATIONMEAN SEA LEVEL see MSLMETAR – MÉTéorologique ("Weather")Aviation Règuliére ("Routine").NOAA MOASPECIAL USE AIRSPACEMONOCOQUE MSL - Mean Sea Level. NACELLE NATIONAL AIRSPACE SYSTEM (NAS) NDB - Non-Directional BeaconLF, MF, or UHF Instrument Landing System (ILS) markerCompass LocatorON THE RIDING THE BEAMOVERSHOOT UNDERSHOOTPANTS PAR PATTERN PAYLOAD PCA CONTROLLED AIRSPACEPHONETICS ALPHABETPILOT IN COMMAND PiCPITCH PITOT TUBE POSITIVE POWER LOADING PUSHER QUADRAPLANE, QUADRUPLANE RADAR APPROACH CONTROL FACILITY (RAPCON) Army Radar Approach Control (ARAC) (Army) Radar Air Traffic Control Facility (RATCF)(Navy/FAA) Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) (Air Force/FAA) Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) (FAA) Tower/Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) FAA RAMJET RIDING THE BEAM ON THE BEAM.RING COWLING FAIRINGROGALLO WING ROLL PITCH YAW.ROTARY ENGINE ROTORCRAFT RUDDER SAILPLANE SCRAMJET supersonic combustion ramjetSCUDSEAPLANE SECONDARY STALL HIGH-SPEED or ACCELERATED STALL.SERVICE CEILING SESQUI-WING SHOULDER-WING CABANE STRUTsSIDESLIP SINK, SINKING SPEED SKID SLATS SLIP SLIPSTREAM SLOT SLOTTED FLAP SMOH Since Major OverhaulSPECIAL USE AIRSPACE (SUA) Alert Area Military Operations Area (MOA) Prohibited Area Restricted Area Warning Area SPLIT FLAP SPOILERSPORT PILOT LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFTLSASPONSON SQUAWK STABILATOR STABILIZER ELEVATORSTAGGERSTALL STANDARD AIR (Standard Atmosphere) STANDARD RATE TURN STATIC WIRE SUA see SPECIAL USE AIRSPACESUPERSONIC - Speed of flight at or greater than Mach 1.0; literally, faster than the speed of sound.SWEEPBACK SWING-WING TAILDRAGGER see CONVENTIONAL GEARTARMAC - TAS - True Air Speed TCA see CONTROLLED AIRSPACETERMINAL RADAR SERVICE AREA (TRSA) TETRAHEDRON THRUST TORQUE TOUCH-AND-GO TRACTOR TRAILING EDGE - The rearmost edge of an AIRFOIL.TRANSPONDER TRIKE - TRIM TAB - the main control surfaces.TRUE AIRSPEED TRUE NORTH TURBOJET TURBOPROP TURN & BANK INDICATOR TWILIGHT ZONE ULTRALIGHT UNCONTROLLED AIRSPACE - Class G Airspace; airspace not designated as Class A, B, C, D or E.UNDERCARRIAGE UNDERSHOOT - To land short of a runwway or planned landing spot. Opposite is OVERSHOOT.UNICOM - Universal Communication121.0 mHzUPWASH UPWIND TURN USEFUL LOAD V - Velocity, now used in defining air speeds: VA = Maneuvering Speed (max structural speed for full control deflection) VD = Max Dive Speed (for certification only) VFE = Max Flaps Extended Speed VLE = Max Landing Gear Extended Speed VLO = Max Landing Gear Operation Speed VNE = Never Exceed Speed VNO = Max Structural Cruising Speed VS0 = Stalling Speed Landing Configuration VS1 = Stalling Speed in a specified Configuration VX = Best Angle of Climb Speed VXSE = Best Angle of Climb Speed, one engine out VY = Best Rate of Climb Speed VYSE = Best Rate of Climb Speed, one engine outVAPOR TRAIL VARIOMETER VENTRAL FIN VENTURI TUBE VFRVFR ON TOP VISUAL METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS (VMCVOR - VHF OmniRangeVORTAC - VOR + TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation)VSI - Vertical Speed Indicator, Aviation, General Aviation, iPhone App, iPad App, iOS, Pilot, Training, FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, Chart, IFR, VFR, Flight Planning, Cirrus, Cessna, online, Aerospace , Education, Learn to Fly, Seminars, PROPilot, PRO Pilots, Aeronux, pilots, jet, solo, TFR, Flight bag, patrol, air force, professional aviation, online classes, events, private pilot, private, commercial, ATP, Airline Transport Pilot, Flight School, rating, CFI, CFII, software, GPS, aviate, navigate, communicate, radio, certification, pilot certification, instructor, apple, Nasa, diamond aircraft, checklist, moody, Lear Jet, Eclipse jet, bombardier, Professional Pilot, Awards ,Rate Of Climb IndicatorWASH-IN, WASH-OUT ANGLE OF INCIDENCE on the outer part of an airplane wing to counteract the effects of engine TORQUE.WET COMPASS COMPASSWINGLET WING LOADING YAW YOKE